Saturday, June 30, 2007

Best Line Ever!

Speaking of movies, recently had a piece in which they declared John McClane's "Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker" one of the best action-movie lines of all time.

They list a few others, and I was sad to see they didn't include my favorite line — and I think I can vouch for my brothers on this one. It comes in Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Commando." Right after Arnold's John Matrix character fights a villain in a motel — forcing him to burst into other rooms with scantily clad ladies — the villain corners Arnold with a gun. The villain then says, "Fuck you, asshole." The gun goes CLICK. Then Arnold responds, "Fuck *YOU*, asshole." Anyway, it's awesome. Maybe you have to watch it to appreciate it.

The Twilighting

You may have noticed that the Script Frenzy site said I've sold three movie scripts. The third one was only sold recently — a production company called BreakAway Productions LLC optioned a script I wrote called "The Twilighting." I'm not sure what will happen with the script — it probably won't go into production as quickly as "Fissure" did — but the guys I'm dealing with seem to have a fair amount of experience with Hollywood. (One of them is currently working on a pilot with Alyssa Milano — watch out!) So we'll see.

What Up, Gansta

Hey, it's me, yours truly, commenting on this Web site for the Script Frenzy event.

The nice people at Script Frenzy asked me to provide an essay for people who were writing a script for the event this month. The idea is to write a script of 20,000 words in the month of June. Anyway, my essay was about endings, so they saved it for the end. Check it out.

(By the way, 20,000 words is, um, a lot. None of my scripts is 20,000 words -- that's way long.)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rap Video Shoot

Some friends came over tonight and we headed out to a local restaurant for dinner. As we were walking down our street, near the giant Mac Dre mural, we came across what I think was a rap music video. There were a bunch of people gathered around these two "hoochie-mamas" sitting in a convertible, and a cameraman was shooting the scene.

As we approached, someone flagged us down and told us to stay back. Apparently they did not want some dorky white people in their shot. This was upsetting, since I think I could have made a perfectly good extra. They just needed to give me a chance to break it down. (Maybe I should have shown them this picture as an example of my work!) Oh well. After a short while, they said it was OK to pass.

Unfortunately, I didn't make a note of the artist or anything. But it's exciting to see that Langton Street may be immortalized like that.

Scooter Libby, Fellow Brookie

Last week I received the alumni news bulletin from Eaglebrook School, where I went between 7th and 9th grade (or as they called it, fourth, fifth and sixth forms). Anyway, I was shocked to see that the school was not covering the Scooter Libby case in its alumni notes. I mean, c'mon, after the king of Jordan and Duncan Sheik, Scooter is one of our more famous graduates.

Anyway, I did come across this article from a few months ago about a guy who went to Eaglebrook with Scooter. He didn't share Scooter's political views, but they stayed friends through the years. It's actually a pretty interesting piece. Check it out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So much for San Francisco being an expensive city. Some consulting firm named Merced compiles an annual list of the world's 50 most costly cities, and Ess Eff isn't on it. In fact, only two U.S. cities made the list (New York and Los Angeles). Apparently the rise of foreign currencies, plus surging housing prices in Europe, have made the rest of the world much more expensive.

Here's the top 10:
1. Moscow
2. London
3. Seoul
4. Tokyo
5. Hong Kong
6. Copenhagen
7. Geneva
8. Osaka
9. Zurich
10. Oslo
15. New York
42. Los Angeles

I can understand some of these cities being so expensive. I mean, London has always been up there. And Moscow, well, they're probably including bodyguard expenses and Polonium-210 antidote costs. But what's with Prague being on the list?! In Prague, you can trade your Levis for a car. (Or so I seem to recall from a 1990s advertisement.)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Haverford in the News (Sort of)

Speaking of guest columnists, the Chron ran an editorial today by a recent Haverford graduate. I was excited to see the piece, but then began reading it and found it to be inane. He's basically whining about a bunch of stuff that college grads have always whined about. And anyway, how can his generation be worse off than the one before, because, hello, he has Nintendo Wii.

Who Asked Jew?

There was a great guest editioral in the Chron Friday ("What's the rush to get rid of Ed Jew?") claiming that Ed Jew was getting a hard time because he's Chinese-American:
What if Jew were a woman, or gay or black? Would [city Supervisor] McGoldrick dare to say, "we don't need to wait for a trial" before kicking out a man duly elected by the voters of District 4 without so much as a hearing? That's what calling for his resignation means.

How on earth did the columnist avoid the temptation to write: "What if Jew were a woman, or gay or black or... a Jew?" C'mon, that's a no-brainer!

I Don't Want Your Life*

So the New Zealand-based beer company Steinlager is running some contest called "Win Nick's Life."

Just so there's no confusion: They're not talking about me!

Apparently you get to win the life of some guy in New Zealand named Nick and work at Steinlager. Big whoop.

*Ah, the wisdom of James Van Der Beek. Always appropriate.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ed Jew Update

Well, it looks like San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew is in serious trouble. He was arrested today on charges that he falsified documents and committed perjury. I've been trying to track down the latest news.

Since I don't have time to read anything but headlines, this is all I've managed to piece together:

1. SF City Attorney Needs More Proof From Jew

Seems reasonable.

2. Jew: No intent to resign despite FBI probe

Glad he's standing his ground.

3. Jew leaves US for China amid Federal allegations

Uh-oh, he's skipped town.

4. Michael Chabon writes a new chapter for the Wandering Jew

Hopefully Chabon can track him down.

5. Boycott? A Jew-hunt won't help the Palestinians

I agree. I'm not sure what hunting Supervisor Jew has to do with the Palestinians.

6. French immigrant Jew held for slitting throat of Arab cabbie

What?! He must have gotten really desperate!! And when did he immigrate to France?

7. Harris files criminal charges against Jew, warrant issued

I should hope so!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

One More...

An addendum to my summer-movie recap: We saw "Paris, je t'aime" last night. It's comprised of 18 short films about Paris by directors from around the world.

Kelly and I agreed that about half the shorts were good. About a quarter were passable, and a quarter were bad (including a vampire story starring Elijah Wood).

My favorite was the last film, by American director Alexander Payne ("Sideways"). It was about a woman from Denver visiting Paris, and the whole thing is narrated by her in bad French. It was one of the only ones where I never had to look at subtitles -- even though her accent was terrible. Maybe that's a bad sign.

I thought the New York Times review nailed the movie perfectly.

Rating: *** (out of four)

UPDATE: Hey, the Alexander Payne film is available on YouTube. Not sure how long it will be there, but click here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Movie Recap

We saw "Knocked Up" Sunday, and it definitely lived up to the hype. I would say it was better than "40-Year-Old Virgin" and probably the best film I've seen so far this year. (OK, I haven't seen very many.)

Anyway, so here are my capsule reviews of the summer movies I've seen:

--Spider-Man 3: **1/2 stars (See here for more details.)

--Shrek the Third: ***: (They should make a movie with just the gingerbread man and Pinocchio.)

--Waitress: **1/2 stars (Overhyped. I feel like it got better reviews on account of the director being dead.)

--Knocked Up: **** (I learned some useful information about pink eye.)

Friday, June 01, 2007


Holy crap! I've just discovered there's *another* BuboBlog!!

What the hey?? Is someone else paying homage to the mechanical owl in "Clash of the Titans"?

Apparently not, since their blog doesn't mention the film. And actually, it's in French. (It's called "Le BuboBlog.")

My knowledge of French is sufficient to see that this post marks the site's 1-year birthday. That means my BuboBlog predates theirs by two years! Can someone help me write a cease-and-desist letter in French?

(At the very least everyone should respond to their online survey, saying that they found the blog "nul" and not even "bof.")

Fissure Update (Sort of)

Actually, I have nothing new to report about "Fissure." It's in editing, and they still need to shoot the scenes with the police chief.

But one interesting tidbit: Crystal Mantecon, who plays the lead female part in "Fissure," is going to be in "Harold & Kumar 2"!

Her role is "Juanita 'Venus' 'Pocahontas.'" Not sure what that means, but watch for her!